About Sazmick Book Design


Who Are We?


Sazmick Book Design was co-founded by Sarah, leading with over a decade of experience in both the publishing and graphic design industries. With a background of taking authors manuscripts from an onscreen document (and even hundreds of pieces of handwritten paper!), to an immaculately finished printed book or eBook, Sarah is versatile, highly professional and intuitive in her approach, treating each book project as unique. Her speciality lies in book cover design and page layout design.

Sarah works alongside her dedicated small team who ensure your finished book holds its own and stands out amongst the crowd on any book shelf! Being adaptable means we’re capable of taking on any genre of book, from children’s books to sci-fi, from novels to all manner of non-fiction including many alternative subjects, and create the perfect book design.


What can you expect from Sazmick?


When Sazmick launched back in 2010, it launched with a view to helping independant authors to have their voice and stories heard whilst remaining in complete control of their work, including control of all rights to the work and 100% of the royalties etc. The traditional publishing route is not the only way and many authors find that self-publishing is often the best way forward for their work. We want to work with authors to give them a platform to publication, with professional services that don’t compromise on quality despite being independently published. We often have comments about how professional the books we have designed look, and how there is no difference between our books and those found in popular bookstores (and in some cases better)!


Here’s how it works and what you can expect when we work together
to produce your publication:


        After discussing your needs with us, you choose the services you require (such as Book Cover Design, Book Interior Design, Proofreading & Copyediting, eBook Design and Conversion, Publishing Platform Setup, Book Marketing etc). We’ll remain in touch with each other throughout the process and continue to support you post publication too.
      • WE GET TO WORK:
        We’ll start work on your chosen service, working with your ideas and input, and give you a timescale for completion.
        You’ll check over what we’ve done and either approve it, or request amendments.
        Your print ready (or e-format files) will be uploaded to your publishing account (such as Amazon KDP), and once approved, customers will be able to start ordering your book worldwide! You’ll also be able to order discounted author copies of your book for your own use at events and promotions etc.
      • ROYALTIES:
        You’ll receive 100% of the royalties earned once any platform service deductions are made, with no need to pay publishers or others, the majority for all your hardwork. You are now a published author with a professionally designed book behind you and helping you to reach new heights.